ART HÄME’14 – Art Week 28.8. – 31.8.2014 Forssa, Finland
- is an art festival of exhibitions, concerts, workshops and other events.
ART HÄME’14 takes place mainly in the Kehräämö area, Wahreninkatu, Forssa . You can find the timetable of ART HÄME’14 events under the title Ohjelma, where you’ll find the exact dates, times and places of each event in Finnish.

ART HÄME has been organized in varying towns with different themes in the Häme region since 2009 when it was known as Ars Häme. This year the theme is Text- Brick tile-Textile.
The festival is organized by local culture actors. The aim is to raise awareness of regional art, artists and culture-events. ART HÄME’14 builds co-operation between the local companies and culture actors by bringing joy to the citizens and the town visitors.

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Coordinator Soili Mahlanen
soili.mahlanen at
+358 (0)40 579 24 98
Secretary and webmaster Eila Heikkilä
eilaheikkila at
+358 (0)50 380 57 28