ART HÄME’12 – Art Weeks 25.8. – 9.9.2012 LAHTI, Finland
- is an urbanfestival full of exhibitions, seminars and workshops such as graffitiworkshop for elderly people.
ART HÄME’12 takes place in the centre of Lahti – Malski Arena, townsquare, galleries and streets. You can find the timetable of ART HÄME’12 events under the title Ohjelma, where you’ll find the exact dates, times and places of each event in finnish. In case you need translation, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail
ART HÄME’12 consist events like Secondhand Market, Acoustic Club and several artgalleries.
The festival is opened by a group of people from Lahti who are organizing a totally new discrimination-free cityculture, by claiming the street Rautatienkatu in Lahti Block Party. The street will be filled with artforms such as genre-breaking music, streetart and parkour.
ART HÄME has been organised in varying towns with different themes in the Häme region since 2009 when it was known as Ars Häme. This year the theme is B-City – City in me. The theme can be seen in many exhibitions, in an open lecture and naturally all around in the city during the festival – walls, ground and spaces, as the artists bring their art and performances to the open.
The festival is organized by local culture actors. The aim is to raise awareness of regional art, artists and culture-events. ART HÄME’12 builds co-operation between the local companies, cultureactors and towns by bringing joy to the citizens and the town visitors.