ARS HÄME '09 -taideviikko │ art week at │RIIHIMÄKI

ARS HÄME '10 -taideviikko │ art week at │FORSSA

ART HÄME '11 Art Weeks

The diversified ART HÄME ’11 Art Weeks will bring various art forms and aspects of culture to people living in Tavastia Proper as well as visitors. Versatile workshops, seminars, other events, and exhibitions will be organised for people of all ages, professional artists as well as active consumers of culture.



Environmental Exhibition has previously been organised as part of the ARS HÄME Art Weeks, in 2009 in Riihimäki and in 2010 in Forssa. The exhibition received a positive welcome, and the works of arts in the city centres were a popular topic of discussion. Pictures from previous exhibitions are available at and

The ART UNDER THE SKY ’11 exhibition will open ART HÄME ’11 Art Weeks


is an early autumn picnic on the shore of Lake Vanaja.

This event is created by the citizens! Participate by taking part in performances, enjoying prepared or improvised shows, bringing your own instruments to the unforgettable sing‐ and dance and play along sessions – or simply wander about and enjoy the vivid atmosphere.

Performances and shows can be constructed in the yard, in the park, on the banks, and in the water and by the bridges.













The Art Weeks are composed of exhibitions, workshops and seminars.

All the contents of the Art Weeks are closely linked to one another and are centred around the middle of the town.